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In the restaurant-café-bar, we provide the delicacies of Turkish Cuisine with a bias towards local (Gallipoli-Dardanelles-Troy) cuisine.

We use organic products in all the dishes we prepare in our restaurant. The vegetables we use are prepared from the best crops grown on completely organic soil, in very hygienic conditions.

The local cuisine generally derives its taste from olive oil, which is a by-product of olives, one of the region's abundant products. Since time immemorial, Troy has been the region of olives, wine and cheese.

Today, a variety of fruits and vegetables are grown in the Troad. You can enjoy the region's delicacies in the peaceful and calm atmosphere of our restaurant.

In addition to food, we offer every kind of cold and hot drink in our bar, including Turkish Raki and Turkish Coffee.

Troia Pension Caravan Camping Cafe Bar Restaurant. TROIA / CANAKKALE
Phone: +90 286 283 0571 Email: info@troiapension.com